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Beautiful Lasting Memories

Kirsten and her family have always been drawn to the ocean. And now, more than ever, Kirsten yearns to be by the sea with her young family. "My main objective in life is to make beautiful lasting memories for them."

The beach has an infinitely calming effect on Kirsten, husband Brent, and children Zoe, and Eddie. It's a place where they can escape and forget about their worries. They play in the rock pools in the winter sun, and surf the waves together.

One of their favorite places is Byron Bay. This is where Brent proposed to Kirsten and where they took one of their happiest family vacations. Since Kirsten was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and it becoming metastatic in 2014, they haven't been able to go back to Byron Bay. Kirsten dreams of escaping the dread and anxiety of cancer and creating carefree, sun-filled memories again in her 'happy place'.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters, Kirsten's dream is coming true. Dreams2live4 makes a dream come true every 48 hours for cancer patients like Kirsten - bringing joy, dignity and kindness - just when it is needed most. Help share the love and share this post so more beautiful dreams can come true.

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Dreams2Live4 is a nationally registered charity helping patients living with metastatic cancer to fulfill their dreams
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