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Dreams2Live4’s Fundraising Terms and Conditions

  1. A person who applies for an authority to fundraise for Dreams2Live4 (Fundraiser, you or your), agrees
    to be bound by these terms and conditions if their application is approved by Dreams2Live4. Please
    take the time to read and understand these terms and conditions.
  2. Dreams2Live4 reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions by providing notice to the
    Fundraiser of any material changes, or otherwise on the Dreams2Live4 website at
    [https://dreams2live4.org.au/]. It is the Fundraiser's responsibility to regularly check the website for
    any amendments.


  1. Fundraisers must adhere to the COVID-19 requirements applicable in the location where the
    fundraising activity takes place. It is the responsibility of the Fundraiser to understand and implement
    the relevant COVID-19 restrictions in relation to their fundraising activity.


  1. A Fundraiser who wishes to organise a fundraising activity to raise money for Dreams2Live4 (we, our
    or us) must hold an authority issued by Dreams2Live4 for each fundraising activity that they conduct.
    A Fundraiser is not authorised to use Dream2Live4 as its beneficiary charity until they have received
    an authorisation letter from Dreams2Live4.
  2. Dreams2Live4 reserves the right to refuse to provide an authorisation letter for any fundraising
    activity that does not align with its values or ethics.
  3. If you change anything about the fundraising activity after receiving an authorisation letter from
    Dreams2Live4, you must provide Dreams2Live4 with details of the change(s) as soon as practicable.
  4. Dreams2Live4 can revoke any approval, authority, or other verification of your activity at any time if
    we think that what you are planning or doing may negatively impact Dreams2Live4.
  5. A fundraising activity includes soliciting or receiving by any person of any money, property or other
    benefit for a charitable purpose.
  6. The fundraising activity, including the financial aspects, fundraising, record keeping, and management
    of the fundraising activity shall be conducted in the Fundraiser’s name and is the sole responsibility of
    the Fundraiser.
  7. Dreams2Live4 will not provide any financial assistance for your fundraising activity.
  8. You must be 18 years or older to apply for authorisation to organise a fundraising activity for
    Dreams2Live4. If you are not over the age of 18, a guardian can apply on your behalf.
  9. By lodging an application to fundraise, you confirm that you don’t have any prior criminal convictions
    or current criminal cases against you.
  10. If you are undertaking a promotion in which you donate a percentage or a dollar amount related to a
    sale or sales, you must clearly state in all materials that advertise the promotion what percentage or
    dollar amount will be donated to Dreams2Live4.
  11. You must not use door-to-door appeals, street collections, sports betting, pokie machines, telephone
    solicitation or adult entertainment of any kind as part of your fundraising activity.
  12. Expenses in connection with a fundraising activity must be lawful and proper and must not exceed
    40% of the gross income obtained.
  13. You must remit to Dreams2Live4 the net proceeds you collected for us from your fundraising activity
    within 28 days of its completion.
  14. It is the Fundraiser's responsibility to obtain any relevant permits, licenses, local council approvals and
    insurances as required.
  15. Dreams2Live4 will not assist with the organisation of a fundraising activity unless agreed to in writing
    with the Fundraiser.


  1. Third party fundraising activities approved by Dreams2Live4 are not covered by Dreams2Live4’s
    insurance, including public liability.
  2. Dreams2Live4’s insurance does not cover you in any way in any aspect of running your fundraising
    activity, including risk of injury, illness or death of you or any participants.
  3. All aspects of financial and public liability and public safety are the responsibility of the Fundraiser.
  4. Please ensure that any space or venue used for your fundraising activities has the required public
    liability insurance. If your event is taking place in a public area, please advise the local council, police
    station and / or any other authorities that are responsible for the area you will use.
  5. By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you are in suitable physical and
    mental condition to organise and run this fundraising activity, and have considered any and all risks
    that may be associated with this event.
  6. By conducting a fundraising activity, you must comply with all applicable laws, including privacy laws,
    regulations relating to fundraising, food preparation, gaming (raffles) and liquor licensing. Contact
    details for each governing state and territory offices are at the end of this document.
  7. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you release Dreams2Live4 and each of its officers, employees
    and volunteers and indemnify and hold them harmless from any and all claims, suits, actions or
    demands including any claims for loss, property damage, personal injury, illness or death (including
    any associated legal costs) arising in any way whatsoever from the fundraising activity or event except
    to the extent that such liability arises because of the negligence, wilful misconduct, fraud or breach of
    these terms and conditions by Dreams2Live4.
  8. Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes, restricts or modifies any term, condition, warranty,
    guarantee, right or remedy (including but not limited to a guarantee under the Australian Consumer
    Law) which cannot lawfully be excluded, restricted or modified.
  9. You must inform Dreams2Live4 if you are planning to involve children in your fundraising activity and
    you will be required to comply with further guidelines from Dreams2Live4.
  10. The Fundraiser acknowledges that they have read and understood the Dreams2Live4 Privacy Policy
    available at https://dreams2live4.org.au/privacy-policy/.


  1. The Fundraiser will be solely responsible for the fundraising activity and will make it clear when
    dealing with the public, sponsors, donors and supporters that the fundraising activity is not
    representing Dreams2Live4, and that the funds raised will be donated to Dreams2Live4.
  2. You cannot call your event a Dreams2Live4 event but you may use the following phrases with our
    written permission: ‘Supporting Dreams2Live4', ‘This event proudly supports Dreams2Live4’ or
    'Proudly Supporting Dreams2Live4'.
  3. You cannot use Dreams2Live4’s name or logo unless you have our written permission.
  4. Any media or marketing materials used to promote the fundraising activity (advertisements) must be
    provided to Dreams2Live4 for approval at least 7 days prior to publishing the advertisements.
  5. Advertisements must state how the proceeds from the fundraising activity will benefit Dreams2Live4.
    For example, ‘all proceeds from this event will be donated to Dreams2Live4’ or ‘all proceeds from the
    auction will be donated to Dreams2Live4’.
  6. Dreams2Live4 can provide you with messaging and imagery to help with your fundraising activity.
  7. By submitting photographs, video, film footage or audio recording of any participants, donors and
    others, taken as part of your fundraising activity, you hereby acknowledge that that you have
    obtained the consent from the subjects of the photographs, to publish this material on our website,
    social media channels and / or any other method of publication now or in the future.
  8. The Fundraiser must seek approval from Dreams2Live4 before approaching the media (including
    print, TV, radio and media websites), a public personality or celebrity for support or endorsement of
    the fundraiser.
  9. You cannot make any statements on behalf of Dreams2Live4.
  10. If you want to talk about a dream granted by Dreams2Live4 or a person’s experience with
    Dreams2Live4, you must contact Dreams2Live4 and we will provide you with approved material.
  11. You agree that if you post content on a public social media account tagging @dreams2live4 or
    #dreams2live4 that content may be shared on Dreams2Live4’s website and social media accounts.


  1. You must keep accurate records of income and expenditure for your fundraising activity. These
    records and the money received in the course of your fundraiser should be paid to Dreams2Live4
    within 28 days of the fundraising activity.
  2. Any expenditure involved with the conduct of your fundraising activity (if reimbursement is
    required) and any disposition of funds and profits resulting from the fundraising activity must be
    properly authorised by Dreams2Live4 beforehand.
  3. Dreams2Live4 will send tax receipts to eligible donors who have donated $2 or more, provided that
    the Fundraiser provides an electronic register of all donors eligible for a tax-deductible receipt,
    including the name, email and preferably the address of the donor and documentation to support the
    receipt of the cash donation by the Fundraiser (i.e. bank statement). Tax receipts will only be issued in
    accordance with applicable taxation legislation. The Fundraiser must seek approval of receipting
    options from Dreams2Live4 prior to commencing the fundraising activity.
  4. If you use a Dreams2Live4 approved third-party fundraising platform such as Grassrootz or
    GoFundMe, a tax receipt for donations over $2 will be issued from the platform on behalf of
  5. There are circumstances when we are not able to issue a tax deductible receipt, including for:
    1. Purchase of a good or service related to a Dreams2Live4 fundraising activity
    2. Purchase of raffle tickets
    3. Purchase of an auction item
    4. Goods or services donated for a fundraising event or activity
    5. Monies raised and/or donated on behalf of others
  6. Dreams2Live4 requires that cash proceeds are counted by two people in a private, secure location at
    or immediately after the fundraising activity. If volunteers are collecting cash, the Fundraiser must
    arrange to collect cash from volunteers at regular intervals, with the volunteers signing a written
    record of the amount of cash taken from them. Secure containers (e.g. lockable petty cash tins) must
    be available at the fundraising activity to hold cash collected until the cash is banked.
  7. If any clause of these terms and conditions is deemed unenforceable, it does not affect the operation
    of the other clauses.
  8. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Fundraiser and Dreams2Live4 in
    respect of its subject matter and supersedes any prior agreement or understanding in relation to
    anything connected with its subject matter.
  9. All fundraising activities must comply with all Australian Federal and State laws. Please visit your local
    state or territory site to find out about relevant required legislation.
  10. These terms and conditions are subject to the Laws of New South Wales. Fundraisers submit to the
    exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of New South Wales.

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