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Dreams2Live4 makes dreams come true for people living with metastatic cancer (meaning any cancer which has spread). Our dreamers have had the devastating diagnosis of cancer, followed by the gut wrenching news that it has returned. Living with metastatic cancer can be an overwhelming and gruelling battle. Dreams2Live4 empowers these people to dream and find purpose again. It is the only charity of its type in Australia.

Dreams2Live4 was founded by metastatic cancer patient, Annie Robinson. Annie understood the need to “treat the soul as well as the disease.”
“If we can encourage people to think of what their dreams may be and help them achieve these dreams, they just may improve the outlook of their disease,” said Annie.

Our dreamers range from 17 years old, from all walks of life, with all types of cancer, and they all have their own unique dreams. We have had weddings, hot air ballooning, adventures to the reef and snow. Some dreamers ask to meet their idols, others long to create lasting happy memories for those they leave behind. We’ve had a man that wanted to catch a barramundi (he caught six!), other who wanted to drive a truck and a women who left palliative care for a day of pampering with her daughter and grand daughter.

Sadly, Annie passed away in 2009. She has left a legacy of hope which lives on today in the work of Dreams2live4. On 1st September 2015 Annie’s Dream came true when Dreams2Live4 became a national charity in its own right! Today Dreams2Live4 is granting dreams every 48 hours and works with over 180 hospitals across Australia.


To encourage people who live with metastatic cancer, relapsed blood borne cancers and grades 3-4 brain cancers to live life to the full and overcome any emotional limitations they may have as a result of living with a chronic disease.


To provide an opportunity for people with metastatic cancer to identify and realise their dreams, giving them goals on which to focus and helping them to live a positive healthy life.

If a person is living their dreams, they are not dying. There is excitement and anticipation in identifying, planning, and focusing on a 'dream' ! When it is achieved, there is a feeling of joy and positive wellbeing that lasts beyond the dream itself. All this translates to a healthy state of mind that benefits people living with cancer.

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ABN 47 605 853 263
Dreams2Live4 is a nationally registered charity helping patients living with metastatic cancer to fulfill their dreams
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