You can only take so many hits - Dreams2Live4 You can only take so many hits - Dreams2Live4

You can only take so many hits

"It was the first time I have seen Anthony look defeated. You can only take so many hits without it eventually knocking you down physically and emotionally. When the social worker told us about Dreams2Live4, Anthony broke down in tears. It meant so much to him - the opportunity to forget about leukaemia, forget about treatment, forget about having a transplant match and forget to worry about whether he will see our kids grow up.

From that moment there was a definite change in him - he had something to really look forward to." - Pene

Anthony and Pene have six amazing children. They brought this blended family together when they got married. But just 4 weeks after the wedding Anthony was diagnosed with cancer.

Anthony's dream was to see his favourite team - Sydney FC play a game and take his beloved wife for a romantic dinner. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors PRP Diagnostic Imaging and Sydney FC, Anthony's dream came true. And yes! Sydney FC won their game and Anthony cheered for their victory!

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Dreams2Live4 is a nationally registered charity helping patients living with metastatic cancer to fulfill their dreams
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