Our All-American Intern - Ashleigh - Dreams2Live4 Our All-American Intern - Ashleigh - Dreams2Live4

Our All-American Intern - Ashleigh

"I started volunteering for Dreams2Live4 after learning about the amazing work you and the ladies do to change the lives of so many individuals.

"When I first started my undergraduate degree at Boston University I had no idea what I wanted to do, all I knew was that I wanted to help people in life. Dreams2Live4 has given me the opportunity to fulfill this life goal of mine while working under such empowering and inspiring women. It is truly revolutionary to walk into an office on a daily basis and feel entirely welcome and supported by a group of women that I hope to be like some day.

"With the many memories that I will hold close to my heart from my experience at Dreams2Live4. I miss coming into the office everyday with Cam the dog greeting me along with everyone’s warm smiles, these women became my abroad mothers, my moms away from mom."


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ABN 47 605 853 263
Dreams2Live4 is a nationally registered charity helping patients living with metastatic cancer to fulfill their dreams
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