BOWLED OVER by Millie’s Gift! - Dreams2Live4 BOWLED OVER by Millie’s Gift! - Dreams2Live4

BOWLED OVER by Millie’s Gift!

At Dreams2Live4, we count ourselves incredibly lucky to have such talented, passionate people working with us to make Dreams come true. Camilla Durgan is one such individual who has made an enormous contribution to Dreams2Live4.

Her time, dedication, organisation, knowledge and all-round talent has been instrumental in the roll out of Bowl4Dreams. Without her- this simply would not have been possible.

Why did you choose to donate your time to Dreams2Live4 ?
I had just moved to Australia from the UK, and wanted to find something to do which was fulfilling and I knew would make a difference rather than just going to the beach and eating avocado toast! A family friend of mine told me about Dreams2Live4 . As soon as I heard about the brilliant work they are  doing I knew that I wanted to help in any way possible, so I e-mailed Lou and the rest is history! I have taken on an event co-ordinator role organising a new and exciting initiative – Bowl4Dreams.

What do you love about Dreams2Live4 ?
I love that Dreams2Live4 gives dreamers the opportunity to have a truly once-in-a-life experience – and a chance to have time out from their day-to-day lives and just enjoy themselves with their closest family and friends in a way that is personal to each dreamer.

What have you learned from the process?
The biggest thing I have learnt is that even the smallest contribution can count. Who would have thought that by giving one day a week’s time we could have created this amazing event which will be open for anyone to participate in and run their own fundraising day.

What would you say to others thinking of doing the same?
Don’t hesitate and do it!! The knowledge that you are helping to contribute to this amazing organisation is so fulfilling and I feel so lucky and privileged to have met and worked with the Dreams2Live4 team. The charity is growing and expanding so quickly that any help which anybody can offer will be so appreciated and make such an incredible difference.

What do you hope the Bowl4Dreams event will grow to in the future?
The biggest annual bowls event in Australia! With the interest and traction that we have been getting just in the first year, I am sure that this is just the beginning and in future years Bowl4Dreams events will be run by Dreams2Live4 supporters in every state and region across Australia!

If you would like to be involved with Dreams2Live4 in any way, shape or form, please don’t hesitate to email Every contribution- big or small counts!

Click here for more information on Bowl4Dreams or to get involved!

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Dreams2Live4 is a nationally registered charity helping patients living with metastatic cancer to fulfill their dreams
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