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Quality time

"When Greg's cancer returned, our family was told to gather and prepare for the worst. His treatment was gruelling: months of radiation, chemo and immunotherapy. During this time, all Greg wanted was to see his father. But at 99 years of age and with a serious medical condition, his father's Doctor simply wouldn't allow him to travel interstate.

But from the first Dreams2Live4 meeting, Greg's life changed. Greg's doctor believed so strongly that it would help him, he allowed Greg to fly. Greg was reunited with his father who he had not seen for two years. The next four days were filled with love and spending quality father and son time. Reminiscing about old times spent together, sharing memories, going for meals at the RSL, Frankston restaurants and the Mornington Peninsula.

Spending time with his Dad is what he needed.

Thanks to Dreams2Live4 partnership with The Wesley Hospital,  Greg's dream came true.

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Dreams2Live4 is a nationally registered charity helping patients living with metastatic cancer to fulfill their dreams
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