Annie’s Walk 2019 - Dreams2Live4 Annie’s Walk 2019 - Dreams2Live4
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Annie’s Walk 2019

Port Arthur TAS


Date & Time
Thurs - Mon , 5 Days
Three Capes Track
Thurs - Mon
, 5 Days
Three Capes Track

Our fifth annual Annie’s Walk was held from the 7th to 10th of November, 2019. An incredible 51 walkers hiked over 60km through Tasmania’s Three Capes Track.

It was four days of exploring Tasmania’s untouched natural scenery, rugged landscapes and expansive vistas. The days were filled with good spirits and laughter as our Annie’s walkers hiked through nature’s beauty, hugging the cliffs, treating themselves to some incredible views. As a break from all the hiking, some walkers were even spoilt with a whale watching cruise on the third day!

Enough money was raised to grant at least another 20 dreams in just a few days!

A huge thank you to all of the amazing walkers for your incredible generosity and support for Dreams2Live4. Your ongoing contributions are really appreciated, and you’re helping us continue to grant life-changing dreams. Also, a massive thank you to Park Trek, for helping to organise Annie’s Walk.

Check out this gallery of pictures to see the highlights from our 2019 Annie’s Walk.


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