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We were thrilled to partner with Seadrift Distillary, Australia's first non-alcoholic distillery for our 2020 Dry July fundraising campaign.

Seadrift is a non-alcoholic spirit alternative, with a refreshing adult taste of coriander and lime. It is distilled in small batch runs on Sydney's Northern Beaches, from fresh land and sea botanicals.

To support our 2020 Dry July Campaign, they kindly offered to kick start our campaign with a fantastic giveaway and then made a donation from every bottle sold in the month of July. Their donation helped to make a wonderful dream come true. Jo, a mother of three from NSW took her three kids to The Big Banana Fun Park in Coffs Harbour and spent some quality time at the Big4 holiday park.

Thank you, Carolyn and Alastair.

Order yours today - https://www.seadriftdistillery.com

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