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Ellen 'The Generous'

Joanne, a 48 year old mother of 2, had been battling metastatic cancer for years. "When I came for chemotherapy I would sit in the chair for many hours. When it was time for Ellen the nurse would turn on the TV. It's hard to feel down when Ellen's around. She helped me get through some very bleak times."

Joanne's dream was to see the filming of Ellen on her recent visit to Sydney. We put the call out on Facebook and thousands of our supporters shared it. Within days the wonderful people at Ellen had organised a very special guest ticket for Joanne.

"I can't believe this amazing thing is happening for me. Wow to have such good luck when things have been so hard is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dreams2Live4."

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Dreams2Live4 is a nationally registered charity helping patients living with metastatic cancer to fulfill their dreams
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