Louise Mahoney, CEO and Dream Maker - Continuing Annie’s Legacy - Dreams2Live4

Louise Mahoney, CEO and Dream Maker - Continuing Annie’s Legacy

Louise Mahoney, Annie’s sister, continues Annie’s legacy.

As the CEO and a Dream Maker for Dreams2live4, Louise works tirelessly to bring hope and inspiration into patients lives.

Her background as a nurse and carer for Annie during her illness, makes her uniquely qualified to help patients in this difficult time of their lives. She knows first-hand the positive and lasting impact that planning a dream has on patients and their families lives.

This is her story ......

People often say to me 'how do you do this job? Why do you do this job? Isn’t it sad?

"I do it because I saw the look of pure joy on my Mother's face as a 19 year old when she stepped into our house after she was diagnosed with metastatic cancer and felt new carpet under her feet. I felt the joy and saw the joy in the faces of my family and our friends when we witnessed my sister's dream come true when she sang in front of thousands of people as a backup singer.

I do it because I speak to the staff in the hospital who hear the excitement in the patients they care for in anticipation of their dream and post dream. I listen to the families who ring me after the dream and sometimes on the day their loved one passes away to thank us for changing their loved ones story by making their dream come true and by changing the conversations in those last days.

By allowing the dreamer to make a decision and complete a goal that their never thought would be possible brings back dignity, joy and peace in their last days, months or years.



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Dreams2Live4 is a nationally registered charity helping patients living with metastatic cancer to fulfill their dreams
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